Katharine Far


Katharine Farr

From when I started, back in Nursery, to the moment I will leave in just a week’s time (gosh the time really has gone quickly!), I have really enjoyed Longacre and made lots of good friends that I am sure I will keep up with throughout my time at Senior school. I’ve had lots of brilliant memories – the trip to Secretts with Mrs Rose in Kindergarten, or the amazing trip to Paris just last half term. The cries of men as we bartered for the all-star, state of the art, mini Eiffel tower key rings or the look of disgusted horror as we discovered that there were in fact gherkins in the baguettes!

I don’t really know what my favourite subject is, because all of them were inspiring and really great to take part in. I’d really like to mention some of the brilliant teachers that helped get me through the exams, particularly Mr B’s amazing sense of humour and Mrs Janssen’s wonderful way of teaching. I have really loved musical theatre with Mrs Rollandeli – an incredibly caring and talented teacher.

I will be moving on to Guildford High in September, and although I am really looking forward to it, I will miss Longacre lots, forever and ever.