Attendance in Kindergarten is normally part-time with five morning sessions being the minimum attendance. It is important that the sessions are appropriate for your child and their individual needs hence some children, who have attended our Nursery, will be capable of attending some full days from the outset. In the first year your child can build up their attendance, dependent upon age and previous experience. Flexibility is the key here; if your child settles quickly and coping well, additional sessions may be available. On the other hand, if you find your child becoming over tired, we might consider a different schedule. Our aim would be to increase the number of sessions attended throughout the year, in preparation for Reception.Creative Play

The school day is a long and tiring one and we would be unlikely to agree to any 3 year old attending on a full-time basis. Do not be concerned that your child will be missing any lessons. The timetabled activities are issued to parents so afternoons can be selected accordingly. The curriculum is very flexible at this stage and the children will be following an individual programme of learning, which will be closely monitored and recorded by the teacher.
There is one full-time Kindergarten teacher and one full-time and one part-time teaching assistant in the class. They are responsible for assessment and record keeping within the group, liaising with parents, monitoring progress, and general matters relating to the children in their care. Your child will also get to know the Reception teachers well as there are times when the department works together or they use the outside areas at the same time.
The Foundation Stage curriculum is followed, with the emphasis on first hand learning through well-structured play activities and each day is different. The specialist lessons such as music and PE are spread throughout the week and are taught by specialist teaching staff in the dedicated classrooms. Other than lunch and breaktimes, the remainder of the timetable is flexible, though each session is carefully planned and organised by staff.

Your child will attend school assemblies four times a week and will be fully involved in other areas of school life such as class assemblies, house events and sports days.