The Curriculum

In Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception, we follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum which was devised by the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority and recommended by the Department for Education.Design Technology

Much of the curriculum will be delivered through a topic or cross-curricular approach. Other areas such as phonics, letter formation, number will be taught in the form of a ‘lesson’ with a specific focus or learning objective. Children are then given plenty of opportunities to practice, develop, extend and reinforce their emerging skills.
The object of the Early Years Curriculum is to prepare children for future learning in the fullest sense. It is organised into six areas of learning:
·         Personal Social and Emotional Development which incorporates health
·         Language and Literacy
·         Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
·         Knowledge and Understanding of the World which incorporates geography,
          history, design technology, ICT and R.E.
·         Creative Development which incorporates music and art
·         Physical Development which includes PE.
As the children progress and develop we move gradually towards the National Curriculum and activities and learning are linked to this. This provides a smooth transition into the Form I curriculum.

We have a topic approach to learning with the current topic used as an umbrella for all subjects. All information regarding topic planning activities will be displayed within the classroom or sent home in a newsletter.