The School Day

School beings with registration at 8.30am by which time children should have unpacked their reading books and said goodbye to their parents in the cloakroom. Should parents need to drop off earlier than 8.20am when the classroom doors open, children are welcome to attend ‘Early Birds’ from 8.00am in the Library.School Day

Academic lessons begin at 8.40am, when children are at their optimum learning potential. All English and Maths is taught in the morning. The children follow a timetable which is laid out on the class whiteboard for everyone to see at the beginning of the day. Example timetables are available to download below. Children attend the various assemblies during the week at 1.15pm and are escorted to the Hall by their teachers.  
The day ends at 3.30pm when children are dismissed from the classroom where you should collect them. Children are required to shake hands with their form teacher and say good afternoon and will stay with their Form Teacher until parents arrive. If a parent is late they will remain in After School Care until collection.
After school activities begin at 3.45pm. Children attending activities go to the Dining Room for a drink and snack to replenish their energy levels and also to register for the relevant activity. Activities finish at 4.45pm and again children are expected to shake hands with the teacher and say good afternoon.
  1. Example Form I Timetable
  2. Example Form II Timetable