Senior School Preparation




The U11 Boys were extremely lucky to have the expertise of a former England and British Lions rugby coach this week during their games session

Senior School Preparation

Longacre focuses on preparing children effectively for senior school examinations and life at Senior School. This is undertaken over a period of four years; there is no cramming or factual regurgitation and examination preparation does not drive the curriculum agenda; the children enjoy the journey as much as the arrival.

Our pupils practice Maths, Reasoning and English papers under exam conditions to familiarise themselves with working under pressurised conditions and refining their exam techniques. They also examine past papers to determine the most appropriate approaches. Pupils sit practice papers and the papers are analysed individually with the child and targets are set in order to develop knowledge, understanding and technique.

Pupils are also interviewed by the Head and a selection of Governors to prepare them for the interview process. They learn to make eye contact, answer complex and challenging questions and talk freely with an adult in a formal environment.

Longacre pupils settle quickly and happily into their Senior Schools; they become self-confident, resilient, independent and have the ability to take on new challenges.

Longacre has a distinct advantage as we have no obligation to feed any one Senior School and as such is able to find the right senior education for the individual child. Excellent relations are maintained with a wide variety of Senior Schools both in the local vicinity and further afield, both co-educational and single sex, academic or of a more diverse intake.


  • My time at Longacre started in Form III and I made friends with everyone very quickly! Everyone from the staff to the pupils were welcoming.
  • I first joined Longacre in Form III. At first I was really nervous as I had no idea what it was going to be like. I still remember going on a tour around the school with Mrs Bolton.
  • From when I started, back in Nursery, to the moment I will leave in just a week’s time (gosh the time really has gone quickly!), I have really enjoyed Longacre…