Structure of the Pre-Prep at Longacre




Longacre School has been listed in the Sunday Times list of the Top 100 Independent Preparatory Schools in England.

Structure of the Pre-Prep at Longacre

Nursery (2½ to 3 years)

Children enter the Nursery at the age of 2½ years old, with no set intake. Children are invited to join Longacre at the beginning of the term when they reach the designated age.


Our aim is to provide planned play, both outdoors and indoors, in a stimulating environment, with a balance of teacher directed and child initiated activities. We use lots of praise, encouragement and above all, have fun. We believe that it is important for the children to become independent and confident.

Children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. At this stage a strong emphasis is put on social skills and children are encouraged and guided to mix with others, to share and take turns, to sit quietly for short periods of time and gradually become more independent.

Nursery children attend assemblies twice a week, have specialist Music lessons, are involved in Christmas performances, off-site educational trips, Sports Days and other areas of school life. It is incredibly beneficial for such young children to already feel part of a school community where they are in regular contact with older pupils who assist them with shoelaces for example and specialist staff.


The children start with a minimum of three mornings per week. However, we work in conjunction with the parents to ensure the children are able to cope with the number of chosen sessions and parents have a degree of choice in selecting the sessions which accommodate their own requirements.

Longacre is flexible; although the school day officially begins at 8.30am, children can come in up until 9.00am and equally at the end of the session, other afternoon commitments such as naps or swimming lessons can be accommodated.

Nursery children stay for lunch following the morning session as they enjoy sharing food with their peers and this promotes social interaction. Most Nursery children begin an afternoon session following the Michaelmas half term as they are keen and able to attend a full day.

There is one full-time Nursery Teacher and two part-time Teaching Assistants in the class.  Communication is key; staff consistently feedback to parents about progress and more importantly, the child’s enjoyment of their session. Daily boards inform parents about the activities which have occurred so they can share with ease, the events of the day. Information is exchanged which is pertinent to each individual and allows for close monitoring of needs, progress and future development for every child.


  • My time at Longacre started in Form III and I made friends with everyone very quickly! Everyone from the staff to the pupils were welcoming.
  • I first joined Longacre in Form III. At first I was really nervous as I had no idea what it was going to be like. I still remember going on a tour around the school with Mrs Bolton.
  • From when I started, back in Nursery, to the moment I will leave in just a week’s time (gosh the time really has gone quickly!), I have really enjoyed Longacre…