The Form II children in Junior Choir had a wonderful musical afternoon with both groups and soloists performing at Birtley House residential home in Bramley.

The children did some fine singing of `Edelweiss’ and `The Great Meat Pie’ which the residents showed their appreciation of and insisted on not one but two encores of `Edelweiss’. We had the talents of Florence R and Georgia K playing cello, Georgie M voice and Asher J singing `Orange and Yellow’.

It was wonderful to see Georgie showing great maturity by taking the lead and chatting to the residents and finding out a little bit about them. It’s lovely to see both generations interacting and I’m sure it was both mentally and emotionally stimulating for the residents. Our new singing teacher Alex Cassidy conducted the children and after the performance we all enjoyed a home-made cake and some juice. We must thank Caroline Whalley of Birtley House for her kindness and looking after us for the afternoon . We have already been asked back and both Caroline  and I hope this will be the beginning of a longstanding relationship between Birtley House and our school.

Mr Attwood