It’s hard to believe that our last visit to Birtley House was a year ago! Following the Junior Choir’s debut at the Shamley Green Village Fête last weekend, the children were full of confidence to perform to the residents of Birtley House Nursing Home. We were also delighted to have one of our Longacre Governors, Richard Herring join us. The residents’ faces lit up when they saw the children, and they were really impressed with the singing, so much so, that they called for an encore! The children were extremely appreciative of Birtley House’s hospitality; biscuits, cake and squash were very well received! It was so lovely to see the children chatting to the residents and they were equally disappointed when it was time for the children to return to school. We would like to thank Birtley House for such a welcome and a supportive audience and Matthew Rickard for his piano accompaniment. The children loved it and they gained so much from the experience.

Miss du Pon