Longacre has been consistently investing to improve and develop our facilities across the school to further benefit our pupils. In recent years the school has completed the first two phases of an ambitious building programme, detailed below:

Phase 1:

Phase 1 was completed in January 2015 and included the construction of a multi-purpose Astro sports pitch encompassing a hockey pitch and two netball/tennis courts.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 was completed in May 2015 and included the construction of a large two storey Hall encompassing:

Upper Floor: Creative Arts Studio, Multi-Purpose Practice Rooms

Ground Floor: A Modern Performance Space and a Sports Centre

Phase 3:

Work is currently underway on Phase 3 which includes a new modern dining room and kitchen facilities. Construction of the new kitchen facilities was completed in September 2017 and work on the new dining room began in the summer holidays in 2017.  The new dining room is almost complete and will be in use by March 2018.

The new kitchen and dining facilities will deliver:

  • A spacious dining area in the heart of the school, eventually linked to the new classroom block.
  • Increased seating for both staff and pupils; bespoke to our needs.
  • Kitchen specifically designed to cater for young children and whole school.
  • An area designed to enable social dining where children can enjoy their meals.
  • Suitable storage for hanging coats, storing shoes and washing hands.

The plans for the new kitchen and dining room can be viewed below.

Future developments planned are as follows:

Phase 4:

An additional classroom block incorporating further specialist teaching rooms.

The work will deliver:

  • A new pupil entrance into the Upper School.
  • Wider corridors and breakout area for the older pupils.
  • Replicated design of the current Prep School, including natural light and air flow.
  • Longer classrooms to allow for more practical teaching styles.