The children are responsible for devising the school rules at Longacre, named ‘The Longacre Way’. These are simple yet effective rules which establish firm boundaries but create a culture of growth and development for the individual.

The ‘Longacre Way’ means we choose:

  • To treat others as we would like to be treated
  • To be honest
  • To listen
  • To do our best to be our best
  • To share
  • To be kind and helpful
  • To be forgiving

Golden Time

All children throughout the school are given 20 minutes of Golden Time at the beginning of every week. Children are expected to follow the Longacre Way but if and when a pupil breaks this code of conduct, they are asked to consider their behaviour. They may be given an oral warning but if the behaviour persists, the older children will receive a ‘Warning Card’ which indicates a loss of Golden Time. As they have had a warning, the children are choosing to misbehave and we discuss this choice with them.

Golden Time is how we reward the children for adhering to the Golden Rules on a weekly basis. Golden Time is when the children can choose activities which they would like to do. For example, the younger pupils have a special box of toys which they can play with whilst the older pupils may choose to use the computers or the whole school goes into the woods to play ‘Hare and Hounds’. The children thoroughly enjoy this time and actively work towards this reward.