Children move smoothly from the Pre-Prep into the Prep School with access to similar teaching staff and facilities which eases the transition.

During the Prep School phase of their education, the children will experience many new things and take even greater strides in academic and personal development. As the children move through the Prep School they will be expected to take greater responsibility for their learning. We want them to have the confidence to take risks and manage the consequences if they are not initially successful, both in their learning and in their everyday lives. We aim to ensure our pupils leave us eager, independent children with a thirst for knowledge.

The children begin to experience an even wider curriculum with the introduction of Verbal Reasoning from Form III, further sport opportunities and increased emphasis on independent learning through project work. Specialist teachers and movement around the school to specialist teaching rooms prepares the children well for their future senior schooling.

The children flourish independently as they enter the final years and we aim to encourage this whilst continuing to support pupils and parents in finding the right senior school. Longacre prides itself on focusing upon the strengths of each child and we nurture these in order to open doors for the future. As an all-embracing school, we prepare our children for examinations alongside continually introducing them to a wide range of experiences and opportunities which enrich the broad and balanced curriculum.