Music at Longacre is diverse, offering our pupils further opportunities to discover both their strengths and more importantly, their passions. All children from Nursery to Form VI have exposure to musical teaching by a team of professional specialists, all practising musicians themselves, as well as a dedicated Music teacher.

Children learn to play various percussion instruments in addition to undertaking formal tuition in recorder, violin, ukulele, flute and voice within their curriculum time. They learn the principles of improvisation, composition and public performance through form group concerts. All pupils will learn to read and engage with music and discover the beauty of both traditional and contemporary music.

At Longacre there are many opportunities for pupils to perform on stage; from informal concerts and assemblies where all children are encouraged to participate to formal concerts, whereby our older pupils audition and perform at our highly enjoyable black tie evening.

The majority of Longacre pupils enjoy individual music tuition with one of our specialist peripatetic music teachers from piano to clarinet, drums to electric guitar; the choice is phenomenal. There are also numerous musical ensembles pupils can join from senior, junior and chamber choirs to orchestra, rock bands and ukulele group. There is something for everyone and we encourage the children to experiment and explore the various musical opportunities available.


Art at Longacre enables children to further engage with the world around them. We encourage our pupils to develop their creativity by exploring the visual, tactile and sensory qualities of materials and processes. Art provides an opportunity for children to express their individuality and experiment with media, colour, shape, pattern and texture, creating their own perspective of their environment.

At Longacre Art enables freedom and a deeper understanding that we all perceive our surroundings differently. In Art there is no right or wrong so it provides a space for children to experience high levels of success.

Children explore a vast array of media, from charcoal to millinery, from large scale acrylic on canvas to batik. There is something for everyone, delivered in an inspirational Art Studio. Visiting artists frequently add greater breadth and stimulation to the children’s work.

Design Technology

In Design Technology children learn how to think imaginatively and talk about what they like and dislike when designing and creating. They build on their early childhood experiences of investigating objects around them. They explore how familiar things work and talk about, draw and model their ideas. They learn how to design and make safely and start to use ICT as part of their design process.


Drama gives every child the opportunity to develop their confidence through collaboration and performance. Drama helps in developing confidence and self-esteem in addition to essential life skills such as presenting to an audience, interview practice and ‘working a room.’ Drama is taught by a specialist teacher in the Creative Arts Studio with one term of the curriculum designated to coverage of the LAMDA syllabus. Children are prepared for the appropriate examinations although these are optional.

Longacre produces a few drama productions every year with every child participating in a public performance once a year. The productions feature children in various aspects of the Performing Arts, including singing, acting and dancing, with instrumental accompaniments provided by pupils and staff. Not all children are comfortable at the front of the stage so there are opportunities to create scenery, participate in lighting and sound production as well as directing and stage management.

In addition to the drama productions, each class performs a class assembly once a year to which parents are invited. Visiting teachers give our pupils the opportunity to study for Musical Theatre examinations and pupils have performed at Guilfest and the Surrey Hills Wood Fair.