Mr Ed Spackman

Life before Longacre

Growing up in Oxfordshire, my early years were spent playing football, supporting Tottenham and camping on the Dorset coastline. Just as my teenage years struck I moved to Yorkshire, where I developed a muddled accent, played lots of rugby and did lots of drama. Being the son of a teacher and having the great fortune to have been taught by many amazing coaches inspired me to become a teacher.

I undertook my undergraduate education at Northumbria University, where I studied Sport Development & Coaching before completing my postgraduate teaching qualification at Exeter University. I have taught in schools in the North of England, North West London and most recently Rokeby Prep School in Kingston, where I was head of rugby for eight years.

Roles at School

I lead the fantastic sports department at Longacre. Sport has given me so many amazing experiences and taught me so much about myself and life in general. I want the pupils at Longacre to have a truly fantastic time in each and every lesson. I believe in play, challenge and allowing pupils to explore and take ownership of their own development. Our role is to guide, support, encourage and channel the pupils in our care. Not all pupils will play at Wembley, but everyone should have the chance to test their potential and experience the highs and lessons that sport can offer.

Away from the Classroom

When not spending quality time with my lovely wife, Louise, and my cheeky daughter, Ruby, I love being out and about in nature. Never happier than when around a campfire or running down a trail. I love watching England at Twickenham, cooking, DIY and my campervan. My sporting hero is Jonny Wilkinson and one of the best moments of my life, apart from the birth of my daughter and my wedding day, was meeting him and having a pass and kick about.