Our Learning Philosophy

Our learning philosophy here at Longacre is inextricably linked to the school motto: “A happy heart goes all the way”. Children can only be truly happy when they feel that they are learning, progressing, finding fulfilment, challenge, recognition and excitement in their studies. Critical to this is the relationship between the learner and the teacher, with regular feedback, clear targets and aspiration without pressure being hallmarks of a Longacre education. 

Our learning philosophy is most readily seen in our 7 Cs, which feature in every lesson and which are understood by all the children from Early Years to Form VI. Curiosity, Creativity, Collaboration, Critiquing, Communication, Commitment and Craftsmanship are all key skills and attributes which we want children to develop through their learning. Demonstration of these Cs earns the children a coveted ‘Blue Card’, which is awarded in front of the school in our weekly Rewards Assembly.


  • We are creative and use our imagination
  • We enjoy experimenting and creating new things


  • We like to improve what we have done so we can be proud
  • We reflect and redraft to make beautiful work


  • We are curious and ask questions
  • We enjoy exploring and discovering new things


  • We work well with others and can negotiate
  • We share and know how compromise


  • We share ideas and listen to others
  • We can present ideas in a variety of ways


  • We get involved, take risks and give anything a go
  • We love a challenge and never give up


  • We think for ourselves and try to solve problems
  • We try to look at things from different perspectives


Longacre seeks to deliver an outstanding core curriculum, ensuring that children have the best possible foundation to their education. Maths and English are of utmost importance in their own right and as the benchmark subjects for 11+ tests, but it is a dry and narrow school which limits children’s horizons to these subjects.

Longacre is committed to holistic learning, with languages (French on timetable as well as Spanish and Mandarin clubs), humanities and science all featuring prominently. Physical activity is crucial, with children enjoying PE and games time.

Longacre is distinctive in teaching Philosophy for Children (P4C) and we are adamant that all children must have Forest School time in the woods. More than this, our commitment to outdoor learning sees lots of lesson time happening outdoors and every year children will enjoy an empty classroom day, staying outside for all their lessons that day (not forgetting the chance to enjoy an al fresco lunch with marshmallows toasted on the open fire!).

Our learning philosophy is fun and exciting, with a strong emphasis on imagination and practical activities. Children come to school to discover, not to be lectured. Our differentiation model is called the ‘chilli challenges’: instead of being put into ability-grouped tables, children can choose the difficulty of the task they are to undertake. By taking this kind of agency, children are more involved, and more mindful, in their lessons. 

Ready for the Next Adventure

As a prep school, we seek to prepare children for their next adventure. This could be a Bear Hunt, it could be a public music recital. It might be their 11+ exams and it will certainly involve going out into the wider world of the 21st century. We believe in the children finding the right fit for their next school and achieving their personal best in those school assessments. We believe in using our exceptional pupil to staff ratios and our wonderful facilities to add significant value in all areas of a child’s life. 

We believe in delivering measurable academic progress and also the less tangible – but ever so important – emotional intelligence and life skills which will enable our children to make and keep friends, to share and be kind, to speak with confidence and listen with care, to innovate, problem-solve and collaborate with others to reach a higher understanding. The learning journey is one that lasts a lifetime, but at Longacre we believe in getting off to the best possible start.

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