2½ to 3 years

Children enter the Nursery at the age of 2½ years old, with no set intake. Children are invited to join Longacre at the beginning of the term when they reach the designated age. Our Nursery team have a combined experience of over 30 years working with small children and every effort is made to ensure that the children feel comfortable in their new environment.

The Nursery and Kindergarten are housed in three purpose built classrooms in the Pre School block with direct access to their own separate playground. The Nursery children enjoy access to all the school’s facilities including 9½ acres of woodland and a modern Sports Hall and Creative Arts studio.

The children have access to the very best quality teaching staff and enjoy specialist lessons such as Music, P.E. and Forest School. They wear school uniform, belong to one of the four school houses and are full members of the school community making the transition to formal schooling much easier.

Nursery children participate in the annual Pre-Prep nativity performance and take part in the school’s Sports Day. They are also invited to join the rest of the school on the annual whole school outing to the zoo or beach.

There is one full-time Nursery Teacher and two part-time Teaching Assistants. The Nursery staff also work closely with the Kindergarten staff and the children enjoy ‘free-flow’ time when both classes come together for indoor and outdoor activities such as water and sand play, digging and construction, mud kitchen, music wall and role play.

Staff consistently feedback to parents about progress and more importantly, the child’s enjoyment of their session. Daily noticeboards inform parents about the activities which have occurred so they can share the events of the day. Staff also make use of Tapestry, an online profiling system to record and share with parents their child’s highlights.

Nursery children are required to do a minimum of three sessions a week. Click here for more information about Nursery sessions.