The Prep School Day

The school day is designed to maximise optimum learning times and to ensure that the children benefit from a learning programme which provides the appropriate time for focus and sufficient breaks for developing social skills and to replenish blood sugar through healthy snacks.

Key Times

7.30am Early Morning Club (optional)
8.00am Drop-off
8.30am Registration
8.35am Assembly / Form Time
8.50am Period 1
9.20am Period 2
9.50am Period 3
10.20am Period 4
10.50am Break time and snack
11.10am Period 5
11.40am Period 6
12.10pm Lunch time
1.10pm Registration & ERIC (Everybody Reading In Class) time
1.30pm Period 7
2.00pm Period 8
2.30pm Period 9
3.00pm Period 10
3.30pm Form Time (and snack)
3.45pm End of the school day
4.00-4.45pm Clubs & Activities (optional)
4.00-6.00pm After School Care (optional)


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