Digital Learning

At Longacre we recognise that technology is a powerful tool in education and we enhance learning and teaching through the use of digital technology across the whole school curriculum. It allows for flexible and personalised learning which engages and inspires our children and puts them at the heart of their learning journey. We provide students with the digital skills that they need to excel in today’s changing world. 

Computing is taught by a specialist teacher to children from Reception to Form VI. Children will learn to use computational problem-solving skills confidently and with purpose to achieve specific outcomes. They learn how to code from an early age as well as using software to develop their ideas and record their creative work. They make full use of the Microsoft package, from manipulating spreadsheets to comparing PowerPoint presentations to other presentation software such as Prezi. They become familiar with hardware and software to support their learning, both in curriculum Computing and across the broader subject range.

The school has a dedicated IT suite and interactive whiteboards in every classroom. The Pre-Prep has a bank of iPads, Forms III-V have a set of iPads for each class and children in Form VI have their own individual devices. We use a variety of platforms and resources to support the learning and educational experience of our children including Microsoft Teams, Showbie and Tapestry.

Longacre children are well educated in the safe use of the internet. We have a responsibility to ensure that when using the internet, children understand the potential dangers and the etiquette to avoid risk, in addition to seeking support and guidance in the face of problems. Parents are also invited to Online Safety workshops to gain a more realistic understanding of the internet, supervision of their children and the implications of social media for example.

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