Welcome to Pre-Prep

There are a multitude of reasons to choose Pre-Prep at Longacre. You only have to see our youngest children holding the hands of the Form VI prefects, watch them run in the whole school relay on Sports Day or skip into school in their school uniform to understand why.

Our Pre-Prep pupils are fortunate to be part of the whole school community, as are their parents. They wear the same uniform, are a member of one of the four school Houses and have access to the very best quality teaching staff for physical development and creative learning. They make use of our top-class facilities and run around our woodland.

Pre-Prep is just the start of the Longacre journey, where children are given the confidence and motivation to explore the world around them. Our aim is to make Pre-Prep an exciting, stimulating and enjoyable experience which will not only help establish the skills necessary for successful learning, but will also inspire within the children the joy of discovery.


Here at Longacre we feel it is very important that as parents you can have an insight into your child’s learning. We use an ‘online learning journal’ called Tapestry. Tapestry enables the staff to take photographs and videos and make written observations of the activities your child accomplishes throughout their journey in Pre-Prep. 

You will have access to all the information using your email address and a secure password you select yourself. This means that you can comment on any observation and upload your own photos and videos of what your child is doing at home.

To ensure the safeguarding of the children everything that is added to Tapestry can only be viewed by the school staff that use the system and you as parents. Tapestry is hosted in the UK on dedicated, secure servers.