Bursaries and Scholarships

Fairfax Scholarships

Fairfax Scholarships, named after the school’s founder Ursula Fairfax-Cholmeley, are open to both internal and external candidates.

We normally hold a Scholarship Assessment Day in May and applicants are assessed for academic, sport, music and drama scholarships.

To register your interest or for further information please contact the Registrar, Mrs Jussie Yeats on 01483 893225 or via email: JYeats2@longacreschool.co.uk


The Head and Governors are committed, where financial resources permit, to ensuring that a Longacre education can be offered to children whose parents would not otherwise be able to afford all or part of the fee. This is through the provision of means-tested bursary assistance.

Bursary assistance up to 100% of the fee may be available to children joining the school in Reception or above. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate financial need by completing a Statement of Financial Circumstances. The final decision regarding any offer of a bursary will be made by the Governors and all bursaries are subject to annual review.

Any prospective parent wishing to apply for a bursary should contact the Bursar on 01483 893225 or via email: bursar@longacreschool.co.uk

Hear from a parent about what receiving a bursary has meant for them

“Words will never be enough to say thank you to Longacre and the Board of Governors for awarding my son the generous bursary that enabled him to thrive and successfully pass the Common Entrance exams and graduate Year 6.

I fell in love with the school during my first visit when Mr Bryan made me feel truly welcomed into the Longacre world, but my immediate afterthought was that it would really be impossible for me, as a single parent, to afford the fees.

The initial point of contact was the amazing Lynne from the Admissions team who kindly encouraged me to formally apply for a place and forwarded my request for a bursary onto Clare Coley Maud, the Bursar at the time to make the decision.

Not only did she consider our application, but Clare went the extra mile during the summer holidays to guide, advise and support me with all the extra information required to complete the whole process. She encouraged me to progress when I doubted the potential outcome and she made it all so simple.

Even though we only joined in Year 6 coming from a state school background, I can highly recommend Longacre for their outstanding pastoral care, for going above and beyond to get to know my son in such a short time and for making sure he felt included, supported and prepared for the Common Entrance exam.

The tailored academic education where every child really matters combined with the overall encouragement to be the best version of themselves, has enabled my son to achieve good school reports and receive offers from two prestigious secondary schools.

The opportunities throughout the year have been outstanding, and the list is endless; he has enjoyed maths and science challenges, international and local trips, played sports and did some amazing art projects. He took part in drama performances, fundraising events that led to him becoming a school treasurer and the clubs before and after school were fantastic too – chess, table tennis, homework, football, to name just a few.

My son has been gifted a chance to open new doors and enter a different world of education where kindness, hard work and self-worth are the core values and for this I will be forever grateful, and I hope he will make us all proud.

It has inspired me to believe and trust that there is hope for everyone to turn a dream into reality and I would highly recommend that anyone in a similar situation should consider applying for a place at Longacre.”

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