Lady smiling

Miss Freya Thorton

Life before Longacre:

I have grown up surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Surrey and was lucky enough to complete my A Levels at Hurtwood House School in the Surrey Hills and so have always loved the area! During my A Level studies, I felt a strong passion towards the sociology of childhood and education and so studied for a Sociology degree at Newcastle University and had a wonderful time getting to know one of the northern cities that my family are associated . After three long years of completing my Sociology degree, I became certain that I wanted to earn a PGCE in Primary teaching and help to shape the hearts and minds of little humans.

Roles at the school: 

I am the form tutor of IIIF and shall be working alongside the wonderful Mrs G-A. I enjoy working with children of all ages and learn so much from the way they think and question topics and ideas in the world. Every day is a different day with new questions and comments about the wider world that show just how excited children are to learn constantly!

Away from the classroom:

I have always been a sports fan and have taken part in, and watched, gymnastics competitions, netball tournaments and leagues and athletics meets. As a gymnast, there was always a wonderful sense of pride and excitement, especially when completing a tumbling routine or an acrobatic piece of work! I am a Newcastle United fan and have been for as long as I can remember; so it was definitely a bit of a shock when I realised that the entire team and Eddie Howe were regulars at my previous part-time job in a restaurant during my university years!