Lady smiling

Mr Rob Bartlett

Life before Longacre

This is a case of life before and life after Longacre. In my time away I have been working at Gatwick Airport assisting passengers with reduced mobility. I have helped the blind, deaf, autistic, the elderly, people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as former soldiers who have had limbs blown off. It has been a very humbling experience and one that I will continue to do in my spare time.

Prior to this I spent twenty-two years at Longacre teaching English and Games. I always said Longacre was a difficult place to leave and so it has proved…

Roles at School

I am in charge of the library indulging my own passion for books and assisting in the teaching of reading. Longacre introduced the Accelerated Reading programme in 2019 and I promote this to all to ensure that children gain a love of reading.

Away from the Classroom

Despite my elderly outward appearance I still endeavour to play a bit of sport. I enjoy playing cricket and golf and hope to resurrect my footballing career with a few very old Longacre dads. I enjoy walking my two dogs and travelling to distant faraway places. Mostly I do the latter in my sleep!