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Mrs Sheila Manson

Sheila Manson

Life before Longacre

Since leaving school, a very long time ago, I have completed Part 1 of the MCSP exam, been a doctor’s receptionist, a lab technician in an independent secondary school, trained as a hearing therapist, worked for a local authority installing emergency alarms, been an area organiser for a cancer charity and managed a resource/ rehab centre for adults with an acquired disability! Then 17 years ago I saw the light and began my teaching journey; working first as a teaching assistant, then returning to university to train as a teacher. After 14 happy years at Holy Trinity School in Guildford, in a variety of roles, I made the move in 2015 and was appointed as a Form Tutor teaching in various disciplines here at lovely Longacre.

Roles at School

As Head of Drama I can indulge my passion for Theatre Arts across the curriculum, particularly for my degree specialism Geography. I currently also teach Form V and Form VI English which I love… and usually manage to involve some dramatic techniques when analysing text or understanding character!

Away from the Classroom

Well there can be no surprise that I spend a great deal of time at the theatre, either as an audience member or involved in the Youth Theatre as a chaperone, but I also enjoy walking, singing in a gospel choir and trying to tame my garden. Catching up on sleep when I can is a favourite, but rare pastime and I have been known to read the odd book….but only during the holidays! As a volunteer I have coordinated a Child Contact Centre, once or twice a month, since 2001. I am busy, but happily so and life is too short to stand still….as long as you remember to stop and ‘smell the roses’!


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