Royal Academy Portrait Workshop

Posted: 29th September 2017

Our Form VI pupils were lucky enough to have the Royal Academy come to visit us on Tuesday with a day of charcoal workshops on portraiture.  Paul joined us from their Outreach programme along with Dani, a model and Flamenco dancer.

The children learned about how to work with their instincts and light and shade and to really ‘look’ at what they are drawing – not drawing what they think a face should like but what one really does look like. Paul worked with the children on short sketches and challenges as well as mixing media and looking at a longer pose.  Each drawing had a different objective; finally bringing together the lessons learned.

It was a really exciting and inspiring day; the children made lots of sketches and we have chosen one from each child to display on the stairs in the Founders Building.  It was wonderful for them to have the opportunity to work with such a prestigious organisation and Mrs Pandey is busy looking at other year groups that could get involved! We also need to thank Miss Feenan who let us have the Palmer Hall for the day and didn’t look too upset when she saw all the charcoal…….

Mrs Pandey

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