Remembrance Service

Posted: 12th November 2017

As quiet as church mice, the Longacre school community gathered together on Thursday morning to mark our annual Service of Remembrance with the Rev Sally officiating. The service began in rather murky light but as we listened spell bound to the six poems read to us by Finn, Jasmine, Aurelia, Caspar, Izzy and Henry, and sang our traditional hymn, the sun began to peep through the low clouds. Rev Sally shared the story of her grandfather’s experiences in WW1 – of how he had befriended the soldier next to him when he was injured and lying in a field hospital. The soldier turned  out to be German, reminding us how important it is to offer friendship to all – friend and foe alike – as part of God’s family on earth.

As Oscar read out the poem to the Fallen, the flag was lowered and we stood in two minutes silence before finishing with a rousing and poignant Last Post, played beautifully by Lisa Ridgway.  The service ended much as it had began, in thoughtful, respectful – and peaceful – silence.

Mrs Mac

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