Aeronautics Week

Posted: 25th March 2019

On Monday, we were very lucky to have Dr Suzie Imber, a planetary scientist and winner of the BBC 2 television show ‘Astronauts, Have you got what it takes?’ visiting us. The Pre-Prep and Prep children all enjoyed an interesting assembly when Suzie talked to them about some of the challenges she took part in on the programme ‘Astronauts’. She told us that all of the Longacre 7Cs are really important when taking part in different challenges.

The children all enjoyed different workshops run by Suzie ranging from presentations about the planets to a demonstration using a blowtorch, a block of chocolate and a giant marshmallow to show how a space rocket withstands extreme heat. On Monday we also had ex-Longacre pupil and astrophysicist, James Farr, come in to talk to the Form VI children about gravity.

On Tuesday Longacre parent Barney Garrood, who is an engineer and works on Formula 1 racing cars, came to talk to the Prep children about his work. His presentation and demonstrations helped them to understand some of the principles of aerodynamics. They loved hearing about the different cars he had worked on too!

The week ended on a high on Thursday with a paper aeroplane flying competition. All the children in the Pre-Prep and Prep had great fun making their paper aeroplanes and each year group took turns to fly their planes in the Quad.

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