Form VI Trip to France

Posted: 7th June 2019

What a wonderful Form VI trip to the rather beautiful Chateau de Warsy we had!  Once we arrived after our long journey (full of the usual songs, cries of ‘are we there yet?’ and ‘I’m hungry’) we checked out our accommodation at La Grange; a step up from last year’s ‘Pig Pods’ to be sure!  Once the rooms were sorted and orientation was complete, we enjoyed our first of many delicious meals before the children headed off for their first night of ‘Chateau Olympics’, ready for Mr Harry’s favourite day of all and Mrs Macfarlane’s nemesis – Disneyland Paris.

After hearing Mr Harry bouncing around with excitement from 5.00am on Tuesday morning, the children finally got up and, trying to match the energy of our esteemed Director of Studies, bounded onto the coach while Mr Harry firmed up which route he thought would take in the most attractions, and wouldn’t hear no for an answer about ‘It’s a Small World’. Mrs Macfarlane went begrudgingly on her one and only ride (the airplane ride), Mrs Cornwell-Hogg sang away on ‘It’s a Small World’, Mrs Pandey was encouraged by the girls to try out ‘Space Mountain’ and Mr Harry lapped up the atmosphere with a big smile on his face.

The children were amazing, no one wandered far (they were especially easy to spot this year in their bright yellow caps), they enjoyed the rides, camaraderie and a long day before heading back to the chateau, full of sweets, for a late supper.

Wednesday was a very different day and the children were a fascinated audience on our tour of the Somme battlefields, the trenches and the very moving Thiepval memorial. They asked our guide interesting and intuitive questions and thoroughly enjoyed the Albert Museum where Mattie was chosen to try on the very heavy and uncomfortable soldier’s uniform.

Thursday we made mayonnaise whilst practising our French and then enjoyed some shopping in the local market in Montdidier.  Georgina managed to buy a whole rotisserie chicken which she consumed whilst walking around the market, Jake finally had enough food after eating every baguette in the local area, and an array of sunglasses and watches were bought before heading for a picnic lunch followed by paddle boarding, raft building and kayaking in the afternoon.

What a gorgeous afternoon of being thrown in the water (by Mr Harry), knocked off our paddle boards (by Mr Harry) and learning how to steer our kayaks (while Mr Harry tried to capsize us).  The weather was stunning and the children’s laughter could be heard for miles around. On our last evening the children enjoyed a gorgeous camp fire and marshmallows and reflected on their week.

Tara Pandey

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