We are really excited about the opening of our new well-being space called the ‘Bear Hut’ this week. The Bear Hut has been kindly funded by the Longacre PTA. Having arrived flat-packed from Holland, the hut was assembled over the summer by the Estates team and painted by Mrs Pandey and Miss Butler.  There are still a few finishing touches to be made but this hasn’t stopped the children popping in for a chat, some reassurance or just to share their day.

Our Bear Hut is a safe, quiet, welcoming environment where children can be listened to. It provides a one to one space for therapy and counselling, speech therapy, OT and break-out sessions with individual children and small groups. We envisage it being used also as a place for teachers to meet with parents and children together to talk through any well-being issues and for children who are not able to play outside at break and lunchtime. Mindfulness Club and art therapy sessions will also take place inside the hut.

We are really proud of Longacre’s commitment to mental health and wellbeing and many thanks for the support of the PTA.

Mrs Pandey