Bees Arrive at Longacre

Posted: 11th September 2020

Over the summer our groundsman, Mr Cox established a few beehives on the school site. This week, Year 6 were lucky to be the first year group to visit our Longacre bees. The children were very excited to discover that they would all be wearing bee suits as their protective gear and showed great commitment when trying to put these on!

Once at the hives, both Year 6 classes were very respectful of the bees’ home and they tried their best to remain calm which helped the bees to feel relaxed. The children had a go at using a smoker to warn the bees that we were entering the hive and some very brave children even held some bees. Mr Cox showed us all where the bees make the honey and we managed to spot the queen bee. It was lovely to see the children’s excitement about this amazing insect and I am glad the Year 6s were able to visit them before the bees start to hibernate for the winter.

A massive thank you to our Longacre PTA for donating the bee suits.

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