Form III Trip to Lodge Hill

Posted: 14th May 2021

girls and boys in a photo at an obstacle course

The Form III children had such a super time at Lodge Hill. On Day 1 they were tasked with building a shelter in teams that would protect them from all weathers. They worked well together to tie the ropes and put up their tarps and even added their own features like fire pits, windows and (very importantly) seats for the teachers.

During low ropes, the children were challenged to work together to move through each obstacle, passing each other the ropes and sharing tips. They helped each other along each section and used their collaboration skills to escape their sinking ships. Our final activity on the first day was the Crate Stack Challenge. Some great communication from the teams helped them to get higher each time with one group managing to get nine crates high.

Despite turning up to Lodge Hill in the rain on our second day, by the time we were ready to start our first activity, it had dried up and the children were raring to go. Sno-tubing involved sitting in an inflatable doughnut and sliding down a track. Great fun and you could hear squeals of excitement for miles!

For many, this was a first chance to try out abseiling. It was wonderful to see such support from all of Form III for their friends, encouraging them on from the bottom. Orienteering gave everybody the chance to explore the Lodge Hill site. It was great fun racing from place to place, using the map and specific landmarks as a guide. We finished the day with a tasty snack, before making our way back to Longacre. We had such fun (although we are definitely in need of a good rest!). As teachers, we are so proud of the collaboration and commitment which Form III showed; super teamwork!

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