Form V Trip to Legoland

Posted: 21st May 2021

Last Thursday (20th May) we were very excited for Form V to once again visit Legoland Windsor as part of the computing curriculum. The children took part in a Lego ‘Robotics’ workshop, building and programming their own interactive model before having time to enjoy the park.

Here are Emily and Tommy’s thoughts on the day:

‘Legoland was fun! The workshop was amazing, we were asked to create a monster out of Lego (like the one in the haunted house) and we could design it however we wanted. All of the monsters turned out great! Then we controlled them with a sensor to do cool things such as making sounds for it and making it change colour. Our favourite ride was ‘The Dragon’ and ‘Mia’s Pony’, the ‘Haunted House’ was really scary. Miniland was super, we loved seeing all the cool features of the world built from Lego, our favourite city was London. Thank you to all the teachers for making it an amazing day, we hope to go again soon!’

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