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Posted: 9th November 2021

students and teachers in the forest

We were very lucky to have a visit and assembly from two ladies from the Surrey Wildlife Trust who came to see the wonderful work being done by the Green Team and Community Service Club at Longacre.

After a meat free lunch (an idea which they loved) Emily and Sue had a tour of Badger Woods and other areas where planting and projects to help our wildlife have been started by children in these two clubs and they were very impressed by what everyone at Longacre is doing to help. They also gave us some really great advice on what else we can all do to help our flora and fauna around school even more.

Emily followed this up with her wonderful assembly telling us about badger vaccination and about how important our rivers and water are in tackling climate change. She gave us four things that we can all do to do that will make a difference!

  • Turn off the tap when brushing our teeth (part of the Blue Peter Award the Community Service team gained for the school last term)
  • Recycle and Reuse
  • Install a water butt/rain tank to collect and use rainwater in the garden
  • Remove hard paving and rewild spaces so it encourages insects, animals and birds

Every little action helps!

Mrs Macfarlane handed over a giant Longacre check to the Trust for £300 which was raised at the recent car boot sale – an amazing effort from all those involved in the sale. Emily and Sue were delighted and so grateful for this contribution and are looking forward to hearing about more fabulous things to come from our passionate Save our Planet warriors.

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