Form III Empty Classroom Day

Posted: 11th February 2022

It was a lovely surprise to have such glorious weather on Wednesday for our first Empty Classroom Day of 2022. Form III started off the day with their English lesson. They were using their imagination to write creative descriptions of objects to put into a magic box, in preparation for writing their own poems after half term. In Maths the children practised adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and had a marvellous time going on a scavenger hunt to find the questions around the school grounds.

At break time, the children enjoyed having the woods to themselves, using the space to play a large game of tag, even the teachers got involved! After break, Mr Elwood came out to teach DT where the children spent the lesson carefully drawing designs for the pulley puppets that they will be making and before they knew it, it was lunchtime. The children enjoyed their yummy lunch around the warm fire and of course it wouldn’t have been an Empty Classroom Day without getting to toast some marshmallows.

In the afternoon, the children were exploring the relationship between the magnetic poles before Mr B came out to read a bit more of our year group book ‘Harley Hitch and the Iron Forest’. For our final lesson of the day, history, the children had great fun using natural materials to make pictures of Ancient Egyptian death masks and also prepared a piece of cucumber for mummifying which we will leave to dry out over half term and look forward to seeing the results. So much fun and learning experienced by all!


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