Year 6 visit to Metro Bank

Posted: 13th May 2022

students with their metro bank backpacks

The most important parts of the Independence Days are that children are in positions where they need to make choices, to problem solve and feel like they are in real world situations, whilst still having adults around to support them. Form VI’s trip to the Metrobank in Guildford was the epitome of this goal.

The children were dropped off at the Artington Park and Ride, with their pockets filled with loose change and their minds filled with possibilities (about lunch!). They then waited patiently with members of the public and took it in turns to ask for their return ticket to Guildford. For many of them, this was their first time using public transport and even knowing which ticket to ask for was an experience! The bus ride itself proved endless fun, as the children worked out where to sit, when to offer up their seats and how to stand (holding on tightly!) if needed.

When we arrived at the Metrobank, we were given a tour of the store and even the bank’s vault! The children had the excitement of using the magic money machine and were talked through how to open a bank account and the importance of saving and money safety – there was even a goodie bag at the end.

Our final challenge of the day was buying lunch. This was definitely my favourite – as the children soon realised that with choice (and pocket money) comes responsibility! The children, no matter how nervous, were all fantastic. They looked at all their options, conferred with their friends, ordered politely from the restaurants and sat nicely in small groups. How grown up!

Overall, the trip encouraged the children’s understanding of the value of money and making choices from a menu of options within a budget whilst having adults at hand to help guide them.

Naomi Watts

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