Form II Visit to Sayers Croft

Posted: 27th May 2022

students listening to the teacher on the grass

The Form II children had an amazing time learning all about the life cycle of flowers at Sayers Croft this week.

Arriving at Sayers Croft after a short coach ride, we were welcomed by our guide for the day, Rob. For our first activity we had to recognise the features of a 100 year old oak tree. The children were very knowledgeable about the importance of the roots, leaves and trunks for the life of the tree.

Next we had a chance to use magnifying glasses to examine the details of the flowers in the field. In the woods, we looked at the Bluebell pods and used our fingers to open the pods and squeeze out the seeds inside and then disperse them into the woods. Rob taught us about pollination and explained how bees pollinate flowers when they collect the nectar.

After a quick break, we played a game to test some seed dispersal methods.Our game for germination involved collecting one card from each bucket labelled nutrients, water, warmth and sunlight. Some of the class were blackbirds who could tag anyone that did not have all four cards and therefore could not grow. It was great fun running all over the field avoiding the ‘sparrow hawks’ and ‘black birds’.

To finish off our amazing outing, everyone was able to plant their own nasturtium seed to take home. Thank you to everyone involved for making this day such fun and to the lovely parents who came along to help.

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