Form VI Production

Posted: 7th July 2022

students in dress up clothes

Form VI presented an unusual take on the traditional tale of Cinderella to a delighted audience last week. In spite of absences, school visits and everything else that inevitably gets in the way of a smooth rehearsal process, the children found the energy and humour to have the best fun with this production and, with the help of some glitzy costumes, weird and wonderful props and fabulous singing, entertained their audience in the true spirit of Longacre, with happy hearts! Every child had their moment and brought a special something to the show. The Offstage Inspector and Fairy Nastyboots became soft and fluffy in the end and the Fairies earned their wings, the ‘happy ever after’ we expect from a pantomime. Special thanks to all those staff who supported the show in so many ways, to our pupil tech team; Megan, Heath and Hugo and of course to the wonderful cast – Form VI, I couldn’t be more proud of you, you are all ‘superstar troopers’!

Sheila Manson

Photos courtesy of Simon Drake Photography

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