Margot Wells Wellfit Running Master Class comes to Longacre

Posted: 31st January 2024

students in sports class

Margot Wells, the visionary behind ‘WellFast’ and renowned for catapulting her husband Allan Wells to Olympic Gold and silver in the 100m and 200m at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, recently brought her coaching expertise to the younger generation at Longacre. Engaging with reception and Form VI pupils during their physical education lessons, Margot demonstrated her commitment to enhancing the running abilities of today’s youth.

In a recent session on Tuesday, 30th January, Margot led the children through a series of exercises designed to foster better connections and coordination within the body. The goal was to enhance overall body movement, ultimately resulting in increased speed.

Encouraged by the positive impact witnessed during these sessions, the games department plans to incorporate Margot’s exercises into the curriculum for other year groups. The aim is to observe improvements in the running techniques of all children, reinforcing Margot’s dedication to helping young athletes run better and faster.

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