Charity Day

Posted: 6th February 2017

Longacre held a special Charity Day on Friday, 3rd February to raise funds for The Orchard Dementia Centre in Chertsey, Eagle Radio’s Charity of the Year.

The day started with a special assembly presented by some of the pupils about dementia and how it affects people. The children and teachers were also asked to come into school having ‘forgotten’ something. Some children had forgotten to take off their dressing gowns and some were still wearing their slippers.

The children also played memory games such as the tray game where an item is removed off a tray to test their memories and to understand what it’s like if you have difficulty remembering.

Longacre also welcomed Matt and Bev from Eagle Radio’s Breakfast Show into school who spoke to some of the children about their personal experiences of having a family member with dementia.

The day raised over £320 for The Orchard Dementia Centre.

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