King Edward’s Orchestral Day

Posted: 18th October 2018

We were pleased to be invited to attend another Orchestral day at King Edward’s Witley on Thursday 18th October. With over 100 pupils from six schools, our Longacre instrumentalists held their own and tackled some complex pieces. We had representatives from each section of the orchestra and amongst older and more advanced musicians they threw themselves into playing “The Great Escape” and Dvořák’s “New World Symphony.” Hearing an orchestral arrangement of “YMCA” and “The Final Countdown” was a first for me and the children loved every minute of it!

I was extremely impressed with the children’s ability to remain focussed for substantial amounts of time; playing, reading and keeping up with the music, as well as following the conductor. The final concert at the end of the day demonstrated all of the children’s hard work. They experienced the wonderful sense of achievement and pride you only gain when rehearsing and performing music collaboratively. Thank you KEWS for a delightful day.

Miss du Pon

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