Form I Trip to Bodiam Castle

Posted: 15th January 2019

On Tuesday the Form I children travelled to East Sussex to visit Bodiam Castle. Everyone was very excited to get there and cross the moat and go inside. The children had lots of information and facts shared with them. They each got to try on suits of armour and hold objects that would have been used in the castle and we had a tour around the castle where we were shown the Great Hall, the kitchens and the fireplaces. The children were full of questions and enthusiasm all day and were chatting about their experiences all the way home. A great fun, factual and hands on trip.

Mrs Mould

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New Intake Age for Nursery

We are very excited to announce that from September 2021 we will be offering places from age 2 in our Nursery class. (Children will need to have turned 2 before 31st August to start in September.) Please visit our Nursery page below for further information or contact

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