75th Anniversary Sports Day

Posted: 24th November 2021

On Tuesday, all the children from Nursery to Form VI participated in a recreation of Sports Day events from the 1950s and 1960s in honour of our 75th Anniversary and the school’s founder, Ursula Fairfax-Cholmeley, who passed away on 23rd November 1984.

Some events had to be adapted due to modern technology; plastic bottles substituted glass milk bottles for example, but where possible we tried to remain faithful to the original races.

Nursery and Kindergarten showed their balancing skills when balancing balls on bottles; Reception and Form I tried their hardest at the Knicker-Swap Relay but Mr Moir’s shorts were just too big! Forms II and III contested the Lace Race whilst the senior forms all bravely completed the Balloon Squash before devouring the strawberry whip in the Moose Munch. Although there was a small competitive element the emphasis was very much on having fun. I’m pretty sure everyone did so, although I’m still waiting to hear from Dan’s lawyer!


Mr B

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You’re invited to join us at our upcoming Open Morning on 3rd March from 9:30am. 

Meet with our Head Matthew Bryan and other members of our Senior Leadership Team before you head off for on a tour of our stunning grounds with Longacre pupils, and get the chance to see the school through their eyes as they give their own unique insight in to Longacre.

We look forward to meeting you.