Form III Visit to the Victorian Schoolroom

Posted: 26th May 2022

students writing on mini chalkboards

On Wednesday Form III arrived at school suitably dressed for an exciting day at the Victorian schoolroom in Guildford with a very strict teacher, Miss Smith. We paraded into the big school room which was decorated with lots of bookshelves, a picture of Queen Victoria and even stuffed animals like a hedgehog, an owl and a squirrel.

We had to do lots of different things like standing with our hands behind our backs, sitting up straight, having our hands inspected, sing ‘All things bright and beautiful’ and we even had to do some exercise drills. Miss Smith taught us from some reading and writing books and we had to learn to write with a quill pen. The girls learned how to sew by hand – we made bookmarks, and the boys learned how to do some technical drawing.

We spent the afternoon in the museum looking at the Jubilee exhibition and answering a quiz. We loved our day but we were really glad to get back to Longacre!

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