Year 6 trip to France

Posted: 6th June 2022

Students outside a large manor building

Excitement for the France trip was palpable from the Year 6’s and Mrs Edwards – who really couldn’t wait for to see the bright lights of Disneyland Paris again. With a big wave from the parents, we set off on our long adventure across the sea for our first residential trip in years.

The children stayed in the beautiful grounds of the Chateau de Warsy, which was the perfect base for our week of fun. The grounds allowed for lovely dormitories, large grounds to play in and explore and, most excitingly, a fire pit for evening songs and marshmallows.

On Tuesday, it was time for Disneyland Paris, where Mr Harry and Mrs Edwards came into their own, comparing itineraries and waiting times to find the best route for the day. The children were given free time within different sections to enjoy the rides of their choice and spend their precious pocket money. The coach ride home was a little more crowded with giant stuffed animals!

Wednesday brought the children to think about the trenches, with our guided tour of the Somme battlefields and Thiepval memorial. Alan, our guide, was really impressed with the thoughtfulness of our children and the contemplative questions they asked.

Thursday was a real highlight for the foodies amongst the group – mayonnaise making and market day! The children listened to the chef explain how to make this famous condiment in French and then watched in amazement at the final test – holding the bowl upside down above their heads to make sure it was set. After this excellent, but rather messy, experience, it was time to hit the town. Madame Fagg was in high demand as our school banker as children entered negotiations on how much money they could withdraw. The quiet town of Montdidier’s market saw a drastic increase in their profits – especially anywhere that sold baguettes or saucissons. Madame Fagg was particularly pleased with the children’s use of their French and Mrs Pandey loved how thoughtful the children had been thinking about buying souvenirs for their family members.

No trip to France would be complete without a snail or two. On Friday, we visited the only snail farm in the north of France. Here the children got to learn about snails and their life cycle. Those brave enough held some of the little critters before coming back inside to taste some of the tasty snail-based treats.

On the ferry home, it was a good chance to reflect on the trip. For many children, this was the first time they had been away from home. They should all be extremely proud of themselves and how they navigated the highs with the home sickness.

Naomi Watts


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